12.8V 180AH Lifepo4 battery, household energy storage battery, outdoor camping energy storage battery

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12.8V 180AH Plus Lifepo4 battery pcaks Product Specification

Product Name: Lithium iron phosphate cell
​Shell Material:ABS
​Rated capacity:12.8V 180Ah
​With BMS:100A
​Recommend Constant Current:100A
​End-of-Discharge Voltage:8V
​Recommended maximum charging current:90A(0.5C)
​Charge Voltage:14.6V
​Max Continuous Discharge Current:90A(0.5C)
​Cycle life (80%DOD):5000 cycles
​Charging Temperature:-5~60°C
​Discharging Temperature:-30~60°C

​No matter what the charging model is, once the temperature of the cell is above the absolute charging temperature, charging should be stopped.

​Customers should configure a BMS which is used for strictly monitoring, management and protection.